Dream Equipment

Dream Equipment

As much as I'd love to consider my, all too large collection, of homebrewing equipment to be top notch, most of it is cobbled together from craigslist parts, MoreBeer deals or has been hand crafted as DIY projects. If I could, however, spend a great deal on some new, semi-professional equipment this is what I would want as my dream collection of homebrew gear. So if you've got a big budget or are too lazy to DIY, check out the links after the jump for some sweet swag to seriously up your homebrew game.

MoreBeer's Badass Temperature Controlled, 14 gal Conical

I might have a nice temperature controlled freezer but nothing compares to a jacketed conical for the ultimate fermentation control a homebrewer can obtain. The price tag is steep but there are smaller models that might work well for you. Like the 7.5 gallon version found here.

Like some of our readers, I started with the stove-top method of brewing my all grain batches. It's not pretty but it works just fine alongside my DIY Mash Tun. If I had some extra cash I would more than happily exchange my thin and low quality pot for one of these beautiful pieces of metal and craftsmanship for a kettle and one for a mash tun! Better yet, I'd upgrade to a brew sculpture like the one below!

Low Rider Digital BrewSculpture

If I were to take that extra step and had the garage space for it, nothing would please me more than to grab up one of these amazing "sculptures" to make some delicious 10 gallon batches in.

If I still had some cash left and really wanted to spoil myself and make the process of chilling and eventually bottling my beer easier, this gun and plate chiller would be on my shelf as well. Alas, this is all just fantasy for me but maybe you can afford this stuff and if you do, more power to you! Happy brewing with whatever equipment you have.