Tap on Your Refrigerator

DIY Tap on Your Fridge

There is no better feeling than pouring a draft from the taps in your own home. It is a relatively easy process to find an old refrigerator on Craigslist and only a little bit of effort to bring it to glory with the addition of a tap or three.

If you have nothing but a refrigerator and no luck scavenging parts from retired brewers, then this CO2 kit is for you. Trust me, it's worth the cost! Assuming you already have a CO2 rig and are simply expanding on an older system then all you will need for a new tap setup is as follow;

Faucet & Shank Combo
Liquid Line
Ball Lock Disconnect

Putting them together doesn't take much more than the same skills you would use to screw in a light bulb, tighten a screw and drill a hole (through metal). Do make sure that you fridge doesn't have any cooling lines running through the area you are drilling or you'll ruin the poor bugger.

Ensure that your fridge can handle the work then drill a hole the same size as the shank through the front door. Push the shank through from the outside, tighten it down and assemble the tap. On the other side of the shank, attach the liquid line and clamp, slide the second clamp over the tube then attach the disconnect and tighten the clamp on down. Pretty simple! If you've got some CO2 equipment to setup it should be relatively easy but make sure to follow the directions you get with that to ensure no leaks or explosions!

As with all DIY projects you can spend the minimum or a little bit extra depending on what you buy and how you do it. If you're looking to upgrade to a nicer tap system (especially if you fill growlers often) then I'd recommend these awesome Perlick Taps that have flow regulators on them.

If you're super lazy... just buy one already setup for you. If not, enjoy your new project and (hopefully) totally badass new tap system!

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