Mash Tun

DIY - Mash Tun

Brewing your own libations is all about saving money, so why do so many people go out and buy overpriced equipment that they could build themselves? Well it's pretty obvious, they're just lazy. Switching to all grain brewing doesn't have to be a costly endeavor and this do it yourself mash tun will save you a lot of money, give you even more satisfaction and some seriously good beer.

I can't take credit for the original idea but it was a great one! A simple conversion of a cheap 10 gallon water cooler will get you a brand new mash tun that will work at high efficiency, with a little practice, and help you save lots of money in the long run! However, if you would rather just buy one - get it at MoreBeer and help support our site!

10 gallon round Rubbermaid
1/2 inch, 2 ft of liquid hose
3/8 inch female barb adapter
3/8 inch MIP, 1-1/2 inch brass nipple
3/8 inch threaded ball valve
3/8 inch male barb adapter
8, 5/8 inch stainless steel fender washers (you may not need all 8)
all stainless steel 1/4 inch hose clamp
5/8 inch O-ring
Teflon tape (apply teflon tape to each metal to metal connection)

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Gently remove the spigot and rubber gasket from the bucket. Assemble the new fitting from one side to the other in the following order;

Brass nipple > female barb adapter > 1 to 4 stainless washers > rubber gasket
From the inside, push the brass nipple through the whole and have it facing out of the bucket. You will need to adjust the number of stainless washers on the inside to each bucket in order to get a tight fit. (Leak test with a few gallons of water to be sure it can hold the pressure!)

Now connect the outside parts, starting on the female end and add on;

1 - 4 Stainless washers > ball valve > male barb connector
Now all you have left to do is attach your internal hose. This can be more complicated with a stainless braid or false bottom but my suggestion to save money and confusion is to use the simple and effective method of cut hose. I cut dime size holes along the length of the tubing and attached it tightly to the internal barb. You can plug the other end of the hose, however the plug will continue to fall off and eventually you'll realize it's not worth the effort.

There you have it! Your very own mash tun, complete with awesome orange color and personal satisfaction. We love DIY here at All Grains, so make sure to check out our other DIY posts as well.

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