Tea is Brewing Too

Long before I brewed beer, I brewed tea. Starting out, like most, with tea bags I quickly came to love loose leaf tea and the relaxing process of brewing it. Although today we will talk just about tea, even beer can be brewed with the aid of some tea infusions.

My love of tea didn't start until I discovered truly fresh and earthy green teas. Cold mate became my staple and I often mixed it with a splash of juice for a great pick me up in the morning. To switch things up I went foraging and ended up learning to brew some mate with mint, honey and lemon - this became a weekly ritual and its refreshing nature was hard to give up! After may summer months enjoying cold teas I discovered the joy of mixing black and herbal teas for a warm and complex winter mug. My favorite being a mix of roibos tea with a ginger and peach black tea.

My all time favorite non-leaf tea, drenched in nostalgia, is ginger. My oldest friend and I spent many cold winter nights brewing this spicy tea, watching The Next Generation and rambling on about the world and its wonders. All you need is some fresh ginger, a sharp knife, boiling water and patience - the longer it steeps, the spicier it gets. A good friend nearby makes it taste even better.

Although I love my Teavana tea maker I can no longer trust them after it was revealed that they don't really have organic teas and have been lying and over charging for years. I've had it for years and it still cleans up with little more than a rinse and makes perfect tea every time (with the help of an egg timer, of course!). You can get a really nice pot just like that one from IngenuiTEA instead.