Why BeerSmith is Awesome

BeerSmith is Awesome

For the beginning brewer wanting to merely keep track of their recipes or for the advanced micro-brewery - this software will help you manage, create and avoid doing the math for any recipe you could imagine. Whether you brew extract, all grain or mead this software will do the dirty work while you blissfully glide through its simple interface that allows for a wide variety of options and control.

Recipe Collecting is inevitable after a few batches and BeerSmith helps you manage them in a way that is a little nicer than your wort-stained notepad. Store, import or create as many recipes as you can and you'll still have them neatly organized by name, type, grains or ABV. If you write your own recipes, it's easy to keep them together and separate from those you've scoured from the depths of the internet.

Recipe Creation couldn't be easier, in fact I never wrote recipes until I had this software. Once you've become comfortable (or adventurous) enough in your chosen field of brewing the logical step of making your own recipes will follow and BeerSmith makes it a cinch. Doing all the gravity calculations, boil times, hop schedules and calculations you could dream of for you; all you need do is imagine something tasty and input it into the interface.

Weird Ingredients are common when exploring new types of beer, but if BeerSmith doesn't have them already imported, their wide community of users may have already uploaded databases with them and if not - the option to add anything you want is available and quite user friendly. I've added ciders from multiple farms (with different sugar contents), pumpkin and even solid fruit.

Mobility of BeerSmith is now available as well! I'm partial to Android but the app is available for you iOS users as well. Keeping your recipes in the cloud allows for on the fly editing, recipe instructions and even timers that will sync up with your boil schedule. Grab the Lite version here (same price as Google Play Store) or the Full version here.

All in all this is a great piece of software that comes at such a low cost it's hard to pass up.