The Amarillo IPA

The Amarillo IPA

Today we begin to celebrate the spring season of hoppy beers with an IPA recipe that I have developed over many years and continue to tweak towards perfection. Amarillo hops may be one of the hardest to find, but if you can snag 3 ounces of those green nuggets, then this well balanced IPA is for you. With a wonderful dry hopped nose of a blooming pine forest and a light bodied and juicy backbone this IPA is a keeper and a get-you-drunker. If you're not into overly hopped and unbalanced IPAs, give this one a go - it is a beer for hop lovers and hop newbies alike.

Style & Targets IPA
6.9% abv @ 5 gallons

11 lbs US 2-row
8 oz crystal 120 L
8 oz crystal 40 L
4 oz dextrine malt
1 oz amarillo hops (60 minutes)
.5 oz amarillo hops (30 minutes)
.25 oz amarillo hops (15 minutes)
.25 oz amarillo hops (5 minutes)
1 tsp Irish Moss (15 minutes - how to use properly)
Nottingham Yeast
Dry Hop 1 oz amarillo hops (7 days)

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Mashed 17.5 qt at 148 F for 60 minutes
Sparged with 5 gal at 180 F (brings my mash up to 168 - 170 F very nicely)
Brought to boil, followed hop schedule, chilled, siphoned off to bucket and pitched yeast.
OG: 1.063 @ 5 gallons

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