Wheat beer may be shied away from by those who've never experienced the classically delicious and singular Weihenstephaner. So, if you haven't tried it yet, stop reading and go get one, then come right back because you'll want to brew your own immediately! I have been hooked on quality weissbier since my first sip of Weihenstephaner. A true wheat beer, properly brewed is without coriander and orange peel adjuncts, just the magic of a great yeast strain imparts most of the flavor. This style is one of the reasons for my now decade long love for brewing, it truly exemplifies how much complexity and flavor can come from such simple ingredients.

The secret to success is fermentation at high temperatures with a yeast that will impart spice and fruity esters on its own. No adjuncts needed, ya dummies - stop buying hefes with orange peel in them, it's a gimmick and it ruins the natural flavor!

Style & Targets
Hefe Weiss
5.6% abv @ 5.5 gallons

5 lbs US 2-row
6 lbs white wheat
8 oz biscuit malt
1 oz hallertauer hops (30 minutes)
Wyeast 3068 (Weihenstephan strain)
8 oz rice hulls (to avoid a stuck mash)

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Mashed 18.25 qt at 152 F for 75 minutes with 8 oz of rice hulls
Sparged with 5.5 gal at 180 F (brings my mash up to 168 - 170 F very nicely)
Brought to boil, followed hop schedule, chilled, siphoned off to bucket and pitched yeast.
OG: 1.055 @ 5.5 gallons
Ferment at 72-75F for 12-14 days. Best enjoyed fresh and cloudy!

This is a constant on tap in the house over the summer months, it's refreshing, fruity, crisp and goes with everything from tacos to BBQ (or BBQ tacos!). While being an easy beer to brew as a beginner it's always important to remember those rice hulls to avoid stuck mash frustrations and even more important to ferment at that high temperature. In the colder months it's tougher to brew but that can always be overcome with a Fermwrap or a Reptipad and some creativity with blankets or cardboard boxes.


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