Strawberry LemonMead

This started as a whimsical attempt to combine the quick style of the Ancient Orange Mead with the fruit juice fantasies of the Grape! Mead recipe. Little did I know that after a year of aging this once strange and medicine-like brew would blossom into something truly great! If you have the patience to wait, this extremely simple and deadly-delicious recipe is for you! Check it out after the jump - Absolutely Everything! for making your own beer at home.

Targets Style
1 gallon Semi-sweet Mead
ABV ~12-14%

64 oz Trader Joe's Strawberry Lemonade
2 lbs clover honey
1 oz buckwheat honey
1 tbs Fleischmann's yeast*

SIMPLE Directions Found Here
Mix the honey with tepid to warm water, filling one third of the jug. Shake the hell out of it, seriously, for like five minutes. Pour in the juice then fill the jug, leaving three inches of airspace for bubbles and foam. After the water has reached about room temperature, add the yeast and swirl. Stopper it up, set the airlock and put it, covered, in a dark room and watch it go! Warmer temperatures are fine but I would still recommend keeping it between 60 and 70 F.

Leave the mixture, untouched, for 60 days, siphon off to bottles and age for one year!

This is what I think of when they talk of sweet fruit wines of the Arbor and Summer Isles in A Game of Thrones; it is smooth, lightly sweetened with tart lemons and ripe strawberries all draped in a thin honey veil. Truly, a magical drink.

To the realm!-

* I will be experimenting with more refined yeasts and quicker turnover times, and will post the updates.