Quick Mead - Grape!

Quick Mead - Grape!

Here is another quick mead recipe for an outstanding grape mead that is not unlike a sweet and light red wine. By definition brewing mead is a slow process and as many experienced folks know, you should try to avoid impatience when trying to craft something special. A quick mead recipe throws out those beliefs, trading them for a brew that is, not quite perfect but, certainly delicious, easy and accessible to everyone. These glass carboys are perfect and my favorite for small batches! If you want to do a large batch, grab a 6 gallon for the extra head space.

Once you try a quick mead you will change your mind about waiting a year for every mead you brew. Sure, a long fermentation time, rest and the aging process can produce amazing results and should not be ignored but sometimes, you just gotta have it quick! The following is a recipe that will warm your heart with its ease of production and red wine-like characters.

Targets Style
1 gallon Slightly Dry Mead
ABV ~13%

2 lbs clover honey (or Wildflower!)
1 oz buckwheat honey
64 oz grape juice (no preservatives or additives besides Vitamin C/acetic acid)
1 tsp Fleischmann's Yeast
or better yet, Champagne yeast

1 gallon glass carboy
drilled stopper
siphon & bottles/caps
(as always, sanitize all of the above)

Mix the honey with tepid to warm water, filling a quarter of the jug. Shake the hell out of it, seriously, for like five minutes. Add the grape juice and fill the jug, leaving two inches of airspace for bubbles and foam. After the water has reached about room temperature, add the yeast and swirl. Stopper it up, set the airlock and put it, covered, in a dark room and watch it go! Warmer temperatures are fine but I would still recommend keeping it between 60 and 70 F.

Leave the mixture, untouched, for between 30 and 60 days, make sure it has absolutely finished fermenting, siphon off to bottles and enjoy! This mead does age well but that is not the point! Drink this nectar when you feel like it and be free from the heavy burden that goes with emptying a bottle that is 5 years old that you only have a case of. If you like this recipe, checkout this recipe for quick Ancient Orange Mead as well.




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