Your First Homebrew

Your First Homebrew Adventure

Quality beer production is much easier than you've been told so throw away craft beer's bias and let's get started brewing! Honestly, it is as easy as making soup; toss some key ingredients in boiling water and voila. With beer, the only extra step is to let it cool and wait for it to ferment.

Often times it is not just the industry that scares people away but potential startup costs. Listen, you don’t have to buy a $3000 brewing sculpture to make beer, all you need are a few basic items, sanitizer and some old bottles you can collect for free! Beer is simple, I promise.

If you want to learn to brew beer today and without any background knowledge then go for it! Read this post about brewing extract beer and you'll be off to a great start. If, however, you'd like some more background information, checkout the links below and keep connected to All Grains for more advice and information about the great hobby that is homebrewing.

As with any subject, there is more to learn than any single person can teach so do checkout this book (my personal favorite) by Charlie Papazian on The Joy of Homebrewing. It was my jumping off point and I think a great base for every new brewer. - Absolutely Everything! for making your own beer at home.

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Extract Brewing

Laws of the Land

Planning Ahead

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