My Favorite Gear - Part 1

Every painter has their favorite brush, every runner their favorite shoes - the following are a few of my favorite tools that I use to bake and brew while having a genuinely great time!

Favorite Brewing Book

Although I use many tools during my brewday, these are the two that I could (almost) never live without; a refractometer and my auto-siphon. Both serve me well, keep my beer honest, clean and tidy!



For grain prep and wort fermentation I love my drill powered grain mill and a nice and simple plastic bucket.

6 Gallon Bucket
Grain Gobbler!

While baking and cooking require many different tools, none is more important than the knife. Although my knife isn't the most expensive one in the world I have had it for years and love it dearly - if, however, I were to replace it, this would be my new knife:

Wusthof Gourmet: 7-Inch Hollow-Cut Santoku Knife

Although it doesn't have much to do with brewing or cooking I sure do love the D600 that I use for all my food and beer photography!

Nikon D600