Mead Made Simple

Mead Made Simple

Mead, the drink of the gods; product of time, honey and love. To many brewers, mead is a distant and terrifying endeavour they may never try. To us, it's simple. It should be for you too. Checkout our guide and you'll be on your way to making tasty mead in no time at all.

Like all brewing, mead making requires sanitation, sugars, yeast, water and time. The combinations and preparations may differ but the procedures are all simple by nature.

For this simple guide I will be referring to the wonderfully quick recipe; Ancient Orange Mead. The procedure is more defined in that post, so check it out for the list of ingredients. Otherwise, follow these simple steps:

Sanitize everything.

Pour Honey into the carboy.

Add Water until it is 1/3 full.

Shake the hell out of it.

Add Adjuncts, with clean hands and top off with water.

Pitch the Yeast and put on the fermentation lock.

Let the beast sit for two months and you've got mead.