Craft Beers - Clown Shoes' Chocolate Sombrero

Clown Shoes may be relatively new to the scene but they really know how to blow your mind and mouth away. Hoppy Feet introduced me to Black IPAs and in general spurred my interest in MA breweries more than any other.

This 10% desert beer is full of dark roasted malt goodness, heavy body and sweetness. To balance out the sweet, CS did something special, they added ancho chilies to the boil and the results were magnificent. Not spicy enough to deter the wimps out there but with just enough bite at the back of the sip to counter the sweetness and have you going back for more. If you aren't a sweet-beer drinking, share the bottle and it will treat you right. If you're like me and enjoy 22oz of liquid desert every once in a while, get two bottles then share.


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