Beer & Dominion

Sometimes you just need to relax, enjoy some homebrew with friends and play a cut-throat game of Dominion! If you've never played before, find a friend who has a set or just buy one now! This wonderfully dynamic card games pits you against 2 to 4(+) other players in a race to build a powerful deck and then quickly accumulate victory points.

The game has lots of medieval and mythical imagery but you don't have to play D&D to enjoy it. Each turn breaks down to ABC or Action, Buy, Cleanup. Although action cards can drastically change the nature of each turn and the current game, everything is very literal and easy to learn - the hard part is knowing when to go for the victory points before your opponents do. I'm not doing the game much justice in the description, so if you want a better look at it watch this video or wait until the awesome folks at @Tabletop (like +Wil Wheaton) play the game on their YouTube Channel produced by +Geek & Sundry.

Cheers to great games, good friends and delicious beer! If you haven't already, pick up a copy of Dominion or another great game today!