Game Night - Snack Menu

Game Night - Snack Menu

No game night is complete without some beer, snacks and friends. The first two ingredients will bring the last, so having a good setup is always a great idea if you wish to impress! Whether you play poker, or Risk, if you have the right combo of beer and snacks your night will be a success.

My go to appetizers are good bread and quality cheeses. You may balk at the idea of filling up on bread but nothing goes better with cheese and is quite so affordable. If you're ambitious enough you can use your very own fresh baked Spent Grain Bread instead of adding more to your grocery list. I prefer to serve these as a loaf and block and let my guests do the work, with their hands or a knife - this really adds to the rustic feel of your homebrew and, in my opinion, brings everyone closer together.

A great way to diversify your table is to add some more finger food like pickled mushrooms, olives, grapes or something else that is simple, requires no prep and has a bit of salt. If you want to get more complicated check out my recipe for The Best Onion Dip Ever and you'll really wow them!

Keep in mind that eating all this food will allow your guests a little more time to enjoy your beer and possibly consume a little extra. If you decide to add dinner in to the mix, make something ahead of time like Badass Chili or Beer Braised Short Ribs - saves you the mess and mayhem of cooking while guests are over.

At my house we love to play Dominion but there are loads of different games you can play that are a little more exciting than the usual. Check out a few of these over at Target - surprisingly, they have a great selection!