Portable Party Keg System

DIY Portable Party Keg System

It may not be pretty but it is the cheapest and most accessible way to travel with a corny keg. This setup will not break the bank and all the parts are useful for much more than just the occasional party away from your kegerator! Checkout this system after the jump.

The setup is relatively simple and an utilize most of the same parts from the DIY Bottling Gun, so refer to that for your liquid line and dispensing tap. The other parts you will need are as follows:

CO2 tank, 22 oz is a great size
4 ft of gas tubing
2 clamps
1 low pressure regulator
paintball 'remote'

Most of this stuff is easy to come by and you can find good deals on CO2 tanks online. Don't buy a used one, it's worth the few extra bucks for a new one that is certified and pressure tested. It is important to buy a lower pressure regulator so that you can finely tune the pressure for force carbonating and for dispensing. I find it extremely helpful to be able adjust the nearest 2 psi or lower.

Connecting this all together is relatively simple, however, if you've not worked with this stuff before you could always have a friend help you or buy one pre-built for a few extra bucks. I do recommend you soap test all your joints and use teflon tape where needed.

Once you have your connection set all you need to do is fill your CO2 tank and test it out! Post any questions, successes or failures you might come across - I'd be happy to hear them.


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