Social Expansion and Reach

Way back when I was a teenager and writing websites in basic HTML and hosting it on Tripod I never understood how amazing the future of sharing would be. To me it was a big deal if 100 people saw my site in a year. I created unique content, had a community to spread the content too and fans - how could this get any easier? Oh, social media, right. Spreading internet love to strangers is so mind boggling easy to my 14 year old self that I continually become giddy over it.

Why am I talking about this? So that you will realize it too! This site is growing, faster than anything I have done before, however, it could be faster! Help me spread my love for beer, food and science - it is so easy! Use our share-bar to share it on Facebook, Like our Page, follow us on Twitter @AllGrains, Google+ or +1 us at +All Grains, Pin and follow us on Pinterest, Tweet about a post you like or do it the old fashioned way and email my URL to your friends and family! Your support is appreciated and my efforts will continue to be focused on adding more awesome content.

Cheers and thank you for making this possible; Internet-