Photo Friday 11.02.12

As far back as I can remember, my camera was one of my favorite toys. My father had been taking pictures his whole life, freelanced weddings on the side and took pictures for just the joy of it. He taught me enough about photography and darkrooms so that by age 10 I was able to take, and with his help, develop my own pictures - mostly of Zoo animals, go figure! - Photography Friday - Panthera tigris altaica - photo by: alex navarro
Panthera Tigris altaica

Showing off is fun, so I may do it from time to time via single posts that do not really involve brewing or baking until I find the right venue for my standalone photography.

I love to travel, be outside and capture the beauty of the world whenever I can. Whether it be landscape, portraiture, nature or macro photography, I love a good challenge and the fruits of a well framed shot. In the younger days of digital photography I liked to play with filters; these days though, I stick to the basics and try to let image speak for itself.

I hope you enjoy the following random smattering along with the pictures I have taken to enliven many of the posts here on All Grains. - Photography Friday - Rocky Mountain National Park - photo by: alex navarro
Rocky Mountain National Park - Photography Friday - Megascop asio - photo by: alex navarro
Megascops asio - Guadalupe Mountains National Park - photo by: alex navarro
Guadalupe Mountains National Park - Vulpes lagopous (winter) - photo by: alex navarro
Vulpes lagopous (winter) - Autopsy Buteo platypterus - photo by: alex navarro
Autopsy Buteo platypterus

I may be lucky enough to use a nice Nikon SLR these days but I will always remember my humble days of practice with my 1976 Pentax film camera.

Thanks for looking, expect more next Friday-