Holiday Gift Guide - They'll Love It!

So, you have enough money to buy presents this year? That's great! Check out our holiday gift guide after the jump - it's full of great gift ideas for all those that love beer, cooking and photography. Whether they be a budding brewer or an experienced one, these trinkets will be sure to win their affections and thanks.

High Rollers
Unlike me you can afford to splurge on your loved ones! Although I might be stuck crocheting a dozen scarfs you can checkout the following items that I would whole heartily recommend to anyone looking for a camera, beer system or otherwise.

Checkout any of the new Nikon DSLR cameras, they not only shoot 1080p video but also provide the amateur with professional grade flexibility and quality.

My personal favorites are the Nikon D7100 for the enthusiast:

And the Nikon D600 for the semi-pro or advanced amateur:

If you're in the market for a keg system then check out the ones available at Sam's Club or find out how to build one and search craigslist for the parts!

Moderate Spenders
There are tons of gift ideas in the range of $10 to $100 that could be related to this site but a few that come to mind are;

The Mr. Beer System may not be great for a growing brewer but serve as an awesome introduction to the glory of having beer on tap! Check out their neat kit and make sure to try what they put in it, it's a gift for you and your loved ones!

Underage? No problem! They can brew too, soda that is!

Here are a few books you can offer up to the new or experienced brewer or chef;


Destitute but Determined
My advice to you, learn to make things out of recyclable materials, crochet or brew your way to your friends' and families' hearts.

Good luck and remember; it's the thought that counts!-