Bourbon Porter

Bourbon Porter

This was one of the most successful recipes I ever brewed as an extract brewer. The time has come to up the anti, increase the quality and control the recipe more precisely - let's turn it in to an all grain adventure. If you like bourbon, porters or any sort of robust but drinkable beer, this is the one for you!

Never before have I had such serious reactions to a beer, this is the one, this is the beer that will make your homebrew famous. Revel in its dark depths, vanilla complexities and roasted flavors. Oh, did I mention there is bourbon in it? Because there is.

- - -
Style & Targets
Porter Ale
5.5 - 6% ABV @ 5 gallons

8 lbs US 2-Row
2 lbs munich light
1 lbs chocolate malt
1 lbs brown malt
4 oz Crystal 120 L
1 oz Northern Brewer
2 oz Willamette
1 tsp Irish Moss (15 minutes - how to use properly)
Danstar Nottingham Yeast
16oz bourbon in keg or secondary
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Mashed 16 qt at 154 F for 60 minutes
Sparged with 5 gal at 180 F (brings my mash up to 168 - 170 F very nicely)
Brought to boil, followed hop schedule, chilled, siphoned off to bucket and pitched yeast.
OG: 1.058
- - -

I pitched this batch on top of the yeast cake from a the previous brown I brewed but a regular batch of Nottingham is just fine! This will be repeated in a week or two to make sure that there is enough porter to last the early winter before I start in to the keg of Oatmeal Stout.

Happy Brewing

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