5 Uses for Spent Grain

5 Uses for Spent Grain

Spent grain can be a potential pain in the rump. It is heavy, hot, wet and will ferment on you before you even realize it. The following are five ways you can reduce your waste by reusing or recycling your spent grain and ensuring that it does not end up in the dump.

1. Compost, a method that many small and large brew houses use alike. Spent grain makes great worm food and will eventually turn your compost into a nutrient rich heap! Just make sure you follow all the right procedures or you will have something seriously stinky on your hands.

2. Chickens and other livestock love to eat spent grain! If you do not rely on rice hulls, feed your urban chickens, neighbor's pigs or whatever other domesticated farm animal you have around.

3. Dogs are spoiled rotten these days. I will avoid the subject of how inbred they have become and focus more on how much you love them. Just admit that you love them enough to bake them cookies and you will find yet another use for your spent grain. Again, make sure you do not use rice hulls and your pups will thank you. Go find some recipes on the internet; I do not have a dog or any recipes for biscuits.

4. Food is expensive and I am poor, so I refuse to let grain go to waste if I can eat it. My favorite method to reuse this grain (and consume it) involves a wonderful recipe for hearty bread you can find here. Baking cookies, making pie crust or even making flour with the spent grain are all viable and fun options for those looking to not waste an ounce.

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5. Make a Small Beer! Small beers are great for breakfast, session drinking or just for the joy of making your brew day longer. There is always more sugar in that grain, see what you can get out before you toss it to the dogs or the worms.

Hopefully this will inspire some reduction of waste, great treats and happy chickens! Savor that grain, it is gold.